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Project Description

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses approached me with an objective – Drive brand engagement and drive sales of decorated cake products by producing an Augmented Reality application for iOS devices.

This project required 3 different animations which could be used on birthday cakes.

1) Wizard – Featuring a young boy wizard who appears from within the cake and waves a magic wand. The magic wand then produces magic in the form of glittering, colourful sparks. The magic then swirls and sparkles to reveal a message saying ‘Happy Birthday’

2) Balloons – Featuring multi coloured balloons that erupt from the cake and float towards the screen and up. The balloons then burst to reveal a message saying ‘Happy’ Birthday’

3) Fireworks – Featuring multi coloured fireworks which come from the cake and explode in bright and luminescent fireworks, finally revealing a message saying ‘Happy Birthday’

Australian Retail Bakery first – Cakes Alive! Augmented Reality cakes. Simply download the Cakes Alive! app and point the phone at your cake and marvel as your cake come to life!

Information regarding the technology – http://www.fergusonplarre.com.au/blog/2014/06/10/cakes-alive-augmented-reality/